Ecig Company Customer Service: Important As Ecigarette Products

Ecig Company Customer Service tends to be disregarded by many vaping customers. Yet, just as ecigarette products need to be high quality, customer service likewise needs to be satisfactory.

Customer service varies for every electronic cigarette company. When purchasing your ecigarette and vaping supplies, you need to ensure that the customer service you will get from a particular brand or company is reliable and dependable. A trustworthy company should not simply be concerned about selling products. It also needs to pay attention to customer relationship so clients will develop loyalty to it.

V2 Cigs Customer Service

Loved not just for its amazing products and special discounts like the leading v2 cigs coupon code, V2 Cigs is also highly rated for its excellent customer assistance. Even company executives from VMR Products engage themselves in customer service by participating in V2 forums especially on threads where customers post their concerns or comments about V2 products. They take time to explain in details what possible solution can be done to address certain issues.

Its friendly and polite agents will answer and accommodate your phone, email and snail mail queries. It offers free Domestic shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty, shipping options and more.

A responsible ecigarette company, V2 is among those firms that carefully test e liquids to assess their purity, consistency and safety. Batch test results are offered to clients who would request for it.

It offers an affiliate program for those who want to earn money with V2 product promotion. Vape4Free Program is a very exciting program that allows customers to collect points from purchasing products, subscribing to newsletter, submitting products reviews and more. This is a three tier program wherein each tier involves certain perks and rewards. Accumulated V4F points can be exchanged for products.

Vapor Couture Customer Service

VC is a sister company of V2 Cigs so you can expect nothing less from its customer assistance. Other ecig brands for women are now available, but in terms of product quality and customer relationship, VC still ranks at the top.

Many consumers might complain about the expensive price tags of Vapor Couture products, but those who have purchased were indeed satisfied by the impressive products and by the impeccable customer service. They said that the shopping experience is worth the cost.

VaporFi Customer Service

Ecig Company Customer Service may include 30-day money-back guarantee just like what this company offers on all of its products. If a product does not satisfy you or meet your expectations, you could send it back to VaporFi.

Customer relation can also be strengthened through offering of rewards and promotions. At VaporFi, there are Home Delivery Program, Refer-A-Fried Program, and Vapor Rewards awaiting customers. You will get $15 for every fried you refer to

Subscribe to the Home delivery program and your supplies will be automatically delivered to your home regularly and you even get 10% off on your purchases. You could cancel your subscription anytime.

Vapor Rewards lets you get 1 point for every dollar you spent. Once you have collected 200 points, you will receive $20 credit or about 10% discount on your purchases. Contacting the company could be through telephone call, email, and social media chat.

Green Smoke Customer Service

In terms of customer assistance, Green Smoke also offers what other companies offer such as 30-day money-back and lifetime warranties, Auto-Ship programs, Returns and Refunds. It can be contacted via chat, email and phone call. Four battery replacements are included in its limited lifetime warranty.

The one thing that makes Green Smoke’s customer service highly rated is that it is among those few companies actively offering updates on delayed shipments and openly discussing any green smoke electronic cigarette review. Its reply times for telephone calls and emails are only average, but the agents are always polite, friendly and accommodating that a customer will not feel scared or doubtful to ask.